Indulge yourself in the next evolution of the luxury wellness experience at The Farm at San Benito.  Drawing on ancient healing traditions, the new Acqua Sanctuary harnesses the art and science of hydrotherapy for a reinvigorating experience. Known to be a time-honored wellness practice, hydrotherapy also offers a wealth of genuine health benefits for the whole body.  


Oriental Sauna                                                                           15minutes

Infrared Sauna                                                                           15minutes

Steam Bath                                                                                 15minutes

Ice Cold Shower                                                                            2buckets

Heated Bed Therapy                                                                    15minutes

Thermal Foot Treatment                                                             15minutes

Pressurized Vitality Showers                                                       15minutes

Flotation Pool                                                                              15minutes

Vichy Shower Treatment                                                             15minutes

Pressurized Jacuzzi Pool                                                             15minutes

Japanese Onsen Bath                                                                   15minutes

Kneipp                                                                                           5minutes

Blind Shower Therapy                                                                     5rounds

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