Colema / Colonics / Angel of Water


History has revealed that colon hydrotherapy is an age-old tradition, with colonic irrigations and enemas having been practiced even in early civilizations for its cleansing and detoxifying effects. 

The Colema at The Farm is a colon hydrotherapy treatment anchored on this ancient healing tradition and perfected through modern medical discoveries.  It is an enema procedure which allows a pure and warm solution of organic coffee to enter the colon or the main part of the large intestine through the anal orifice.  This treatment exponentially improves the efficiency of protective enzymes in the liver and stomach, which binds toxins and allows them to be safely eliminated from the body.

This procedure is administered through the Angel of Water® Colon Cleansing and Colonics, a machine-operated colonic irrigation system using warm, sterile water under controlled pressure to unclog and flush away the build-up of toxic and waste material along the colon walls.


Guests who wish to undergo this detoxifying treatment are required to accomplish the Colon Hydrotherapy Screening Form and to go on a two-hour fast prior.  This assists in the assessment and ensures the eligibility of the guest for, as well as the safety of, the procedure.  Pre- and post-care are well provided for by The Farm’s trained therapists so that guests are assured utmost comfort during colon hydrotherapy.