Therapeutic Baths


The use of water for healing and soothing is steeped in tradition, with ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman civilizations all embracing this practice.  Also referred to as Balneotherapy, therapeutic baths are believed to contribute to the healing of a host of medical conditions ranging from immune and skin disorders to muscle fatigue.  Lavish yourself in warm and tranquil therapeutic baths enriched with natural minerals for a healing and rejuvenating experience.

Magnetic Clay Foot Treatment

Soak your feet in a balmy solution of high-grade magnetic clay, mixed with indigenous herbs for a calming experience.  By harnessing the electrical charge from the clay to absorb toxins through the skin of the feet, this treatment effectively supports the body’s internal cleansing mechanisms.

Tibetan Steam Therapy


Clear colds naturally through a traditional Tibetan herbal steam therapy.  This soothing procedure treats diseases by improving circulation, removing toxins in the bloodstreams, and tempering the body to achieve Yin and Yang.