Regarded as the most notable discovery in Chinese medicine, acupuncture treatments have now become a widely-accepted therapeutic modality for pain relief and the treatment of many other acute and chronic medical conditions.

Ear Acupuncture

The Nogier Theory supposes that each part of the body has a connected representation on the outer ears.  Such is the basis for ear acupuncture treatments, which focuses on the outer ear.  This therapy also facilitates, among others, diet adjustments to reduce cravings for sweets, drugs, and other unhealthy chemicals.


In this specialized branch among acupuncture treatments, additional stimulation is applied by attaching electrodes from an electroapuncture machine to certain needles.  This results in gentle vibrations, thereby stimulating the qi that runs through the targeted acupoints.

Aesthetic Acupuncture


By concentrating on the meridian areas of the face, aesthetic acupuncture treatments stimulate collagen production under the skin, which facilitates the filling in of of wrinkles and plumping of the skin.  It is designed to enhance one’s natural beauty and restore one’s youthful, healthy glow.