Signature Treatments

Purification Treatment

Yin Yang Body Polish The Purification Treatment is applied to the body using special strokes to energetically balance the body. This is what we call the Yin Yang rhythmical movements: uniquely developed, perfected and can only be found at The Farm.

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Stimulating Treatment

Skin Kayud & Barako Body Pack The Stimulating Treatment begins with skin kayud or scraping. Using two Mother of pearl shells, the therapists engage the lymph system, remove dead skin cells and tighten the skin. After the Skin Kayud, a Barako Coffee pack is applied to the body. The pack stimulates circulation, elimination and targets the areas that require detoxification. After a...

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Detoxifying Treatment

Skin Kayud & Kalawag Body Detox with Curcumin The Detoxifying Treatment begins with Skin Kayud to remove dead skin cells, engage the lymph system and tighten the skin. After the Skin Kayud, the Kalawag pack is applied to the body. After about 15 minutes, the pack is rinsed off and a warm bath follows.

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Four Hands Yin Yang Puri

The Four Hands Yin Yang Puri is highly recommended for stressed-out individuals, as the combination of the salt scrub and the Yin Yang rhythmical movements have been demonstrated to absorb negative energy while balancing the mind and body. This treatment also improves metabolism and cell damage repair which are excellent for better aging.

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Alka Treatments

The Farm’s new Alka-treatment Packages targets and energizes the cells in your body. Alkalinity helps oxidize poisonous substance like acidic contaminants. These treatments efficiently release blockages, increase cellular activity and disperse heavy metal toxins which are beneficial in boosting the body’s immune system. The treatment begins with an Alkaline Bath the...

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Ozone Treatment

OZONE BODY THERAPY Ozone Therapy stimulates the movement of oxygen atoms from the bloodstream to the cells. Improve your immune system, boost your metabolism, feel fresh and more energized! OZONE FACIAL THERAPY Restorative elixir helps to reverse the visible signs of aging while providing soothing properties to the skin. Hydrate your skin and giv...

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Healing Sanctuary SPA

Wellness first manifests on the body.  Tense muscles from overexertion and accumulated toxins from pollution and processed food reflect on our outward state.

Our exclusive treatments at the Healing Sanctuary specialize in removing these negative elements from our bodies.  Purify your body through a combination of cleansing minerals and rhythmic strokes, like the Yin Yang Body Polish, or loosen and stimulate your systems with the traditional Filipino Hilot. In tandem with our other services, the Healing Sanctuary opens the path to our Holistic Wellness.


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