Overall tips from Dr. Marian Alonzo, Medical Chief, The Farm at San Benito


Dr. Marian Alonzo, wellness champion panelist in recently concluded India Today Conclave 2018 in Mumbai


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Overall tips from Dr. Marian Alonzo, Medical Chief, The Farm at San Benito



1.  Honor your body by giving it the attention it deserves.  


All aches/pains and bodily symptoms are the body’s way of sending out a message that something in the system is not quite right.  It starts with minor discomfort?  Are we listening?  If not, it resorts to something more intense like pain…and if we continue to ignore the body’s ways of trying to get our attention, like a neglected child, it throws a temper tantrum in the form of skin flares/ excruciating pain/ diseases.


2.  Awareness of the balance between the momentum of well-being and momentum of illness.


For every decision we make and action we take, ask the question:


Is this life-affirming?  Or is this life-draining?


If life-giving:

         inhale, savour the experience and with confidence, know that you are contributing to your momentum of well-being now and for years to come


If life-draining:

         pause, find an inspiring context why you still want to proceed with this and be complete about it and know that you have options to neutralise this momentum of illness in the form of detox/ cleansing or health vacation at a later time


         e.g.  As I mentioned in the Conclave, at sundown the bodily processes begin to slow down in preparation for sleep.  So eating less at night is ideal for optimal digestion.  However, given the culture or social obligations of eating heavily at night…you are left with not much choice…


         take herbs that aid digestion or digestive enzymes to help the body digest the food and schedule once or twice a year of intensive detox.  Visit us at The Farm and we’ll take good care of you as we jumpstart your body back to optimal health through our Health Optimisation Programs.



On overall well-being

(and how do you go about helping people achieve well-being)



Optimal well-being is waking up refreshed, savouring every moment, appreciating every connection and having the enthusiasm for the gifts and challenges that each day brings.


Balance is key.  Moderation.  Are we respecting the biological laws that our bodies are programmed to follow on a cellular level?  Are we achieving things at the expense of quality family time?  Or at the expense of our physical well-being?


Just be aware of the long-term impact and understand that the quality of life you will be reaping in your later years is what you have been sowing from this point on


The Farm looks into blockages in different levels and addresses these using modalities from different streams of healing.  Is it a physical blockage like constipation or a scar or pain-related limitation of motion?  Is it a non-physical blockage like the inability to move on from a bad break-up or it doesn’t have to be dramatic like when a loved one unexpectedly snaps at you leaving you subtly traumatised for a split second…or do you feel you are not blocked but there’s no contentment or joy in life?


On what is the right diet?


While the two gentlemen doctors spoke of the ideal?  The Farm comes from knowing that each is highly individual.  We want to meet the patients where they are.  We customise based on certain bodily conditions (including inherent temperature, blood type, deficiencies/ toxicities), the openness of the patient to embrace a healthy lifestyle, the level of discipline, the urgency of the health concern, the reality when he/she goes back after the program including availability of healthy foods and preparation time.





On scar release


Physical scars are commonly undiagnosed reasons for aches and pains and minor psychoemotional concerns like moods swings or hints of depression.


Scars are highly electrical in nature.  Healthy skin is negatively charged while scars are positively charged.  Healthy skin conducts 50mV of electricity around the body.  Nerves are electric in nature.  Water in our body conducts electricity.  Scars do not only leave a mark, they also hold 1.6V of electricity.  They do not only block the harmonious flow of the body, they also trap electrical voltage of the trauma connected to the scar be it a fall in childhood, a dog bite or the fear related to needles during vaccination.


The Farm has good track record in releasing scars resulting in improved appearance of keloidal or hypertrophied and darkened scars.  It also uses modalities to release non-physical scars.


On cravings

(observe the pattern and decode the body’s language)


On the question of cravings…I’m also human.  I sometimes crave.  Often, for something crunchy, including chips.  But what I wanted to re-iterate is that craving for crunchiness might be the body’s way of soothing the trigeminal nerve.  This special nerve innervates the face and is responsible for 50% of the stress of the brain.  


Knowing this, you can reach out for celery or carrots and munch on these.  See if the craving is satisfied.  Otherwise, go for facial. At The Farm, we have the Emperor/ Empress treatment which soothes the trigeminal nerve.


And as human beings, we are highly dynamic.  We crave for different things at different times.  Observe the pattern.  


Do you tend to crave for soda or sparkling drink when you feel bored or when the food is too oily? In which case, is it giving you this sense of “aliveness” through the sensation in the mouth or is it achieving a physical purpose of seemingly cutting through the grease?


Could your sugar craving be related to a subliminal longing for sweetness?  See, the body is physical and this longing for sweetness, it addresses by using the language it’s familiar with: by hoarding sugar.  


Or you don’t crave, you just have this tendency to stuff your mouth with food.  Is it an emptiness and you are subconsciously feeling the void?  Or you find joy in the company of friends who eat?  Could it be the companionship and not the food?


A curious craving that comes up in my practice is bacon.  But what’s surprising is…for those who crave it, they claim that it’s not even the taste, they even find it greasy.  When we do Interactive Sourcing Therapy to look for the root cause, it comes up that what they are craving for are those times when they do not have big responsibilities in life. They are transported to a time in their pre-school childhood when they can wake up late in the morning with the smell of bacon wafting in the air. 


I put it as a question.  Because, while it may be true for most as observed in my clinical practice… There might be exceptions.



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