Reviewed January 6, 2017, via TripAdvisor

We adored this place - authentically peaceful in a lush forest setting. Our villa was enormous, light and well-appointed, so even when Typhoon Nina arrived early one morning we were quite happy to spend the morning in our room, reading and chilling out. I had a good acupuncture session, and we both had massages at the spa - Rhona gave me a life-changing treatment there, for which I am most grateful. The property had lovely little nooks and hidden spaces, where one could meditate or just relax, and the 3 pools are wonderful. We had delicious smoothies every day and really enjoyed the raw and non-raw food, although the menu does get a bit repetitive. It was all so very zen that even the American tourist glued to her mobile phone was soon able to understand that this is place in which to switch off. - Londona


Reviewed 3 weeks ago, via TripAdvisor

I had an immense wellness journey with 3-night stay at palmora suite. Staff were super friendly and helpful. It's truly a place to learn and know your mind and body more. The activities, lovely turn-down notes every night, the beautiful landscape, the friendly peacock and ducks make you truly be loved by nature. It's truly a place to find your inner peace of mind. - Julian C., HongKong China


Reviewed April 16, 2017 via TripAdvisor

Amazing tranquility! Can't wait to go back again! Probably the most peaceful and tranquil getaway in Luzon! Just two hours from Manila, we got a cheaper end cabin which still cost us 10k plus... but it was totally worth it!

I was hesitant at first to go to a all vegan retreat but was pleasantly surprised how good vegan food can be and I felt super healthy when I left the place.

The swimming pools are simply blissful.... - Alfylay, Melbourne Australia